Quickie #3!

It's that time again, time for a Quickie! Still short and still sooooooo worth it! I had someone recently ask me how to deal with CRAVINGS! Aren't they the worst? It's tough to stick to a plan when those cravings hit. The tip I gave in the first quickie can help but here's another tip that I find incredibly useful. Don't completely deny the craving. Instead, make a plan. Decide when you CAN have that food and how much you can have. It can be as simple as "if I still really want it tomorrow I can have one piece." Or will it be one small square of a candy bar with dinner every night or will that be the whole candy bar Friday night after you have eaten well all week? Do what works for you! Some

Vacation Weight Gain

Vacation! With the summer upon us (or almost, at least) that means that vacation season is here! Whether you vacation in the summer or at another time, it leads to a unique set of challenges with reaching our weight loss goals. Being on a different schedule, which often includes less than ideal food choices. If you expect this blog to be giving you suggestions for staying on plan during your vacation, well, you're going to be disappointed. Because I am going to tell you the complete opposite. Vacations aren't for stressing about your diet and exercise. Vacations are supposed to be a break from every day life. To lay back and enjoy yourself (ok, or to stress about travel arrangements, wrangli

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