A Saucy Quickie

I've shared this a couple places already today but it's too useful not to share here, too! A quickie with some tips for an awesome, versatile, healthy meal- stir fry! Here it comes, quick but soooooo worth it! Quickies don't normally come with pictures but this one required it! We eat a lot of stir fry. Like a lot. Sometimes multiple times per week. They're great cause they have protein and veggies, the foundation of a healthy diet! Here's how we keep them from getting boring... In addition to changing out the protein and choosing different veggies, you can use marinades as stir fry sauces! I just added the vinegar and some water (I added the oil to the pan not the sauce) and then when it wa

Why I got Into Coaching

I know I have an "about coach" section on my site, but I really felt the need to share a little more intimately my story and why I felt the need to begin coaching others. Why I use behavior science to help people change their behavior and I don't sell products or programs. So here it that story! I suppose I should start at the beginning. With the exception of being a chunky baby when I was born, I was always skinny growing up. I know now that this was because I moved my body a LOT and didn't eat large portions, but growing up with a skinny sister I just always assumed (as did other people!) that we were just naturally skinny. I was also, and still am, a very picky eater. One of my biggest fe

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