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Behavioral Weight Loss Coaching/Consulting

This option for coaching is intensive and requires consistent tracking of multiple items by the client, and ongoing (multiple times per week) monitoring and analysis by the coach with 1:1 phone, skype, or in-person coaching as needed depending on the client's needs.  This level of coaching is appropriate for individuals who may have attempted to lose weight in the past and failed, or succeeded only to gain the weight back.  It is also appropriate for individuals who may be picky eaters or have other unique challenges which may make weight loss more challenging.  Additionally, this may be appropriate for individuals who are looking to lose the last stubborn pounds or who need to learn how to maintain their weight loss long term.

This service includes not only assistance in setting appropriate goals but also a comprehensive, individualized plan to best reach those goals. The first month of coaching includes the same elements as the Jumpstart program, but is followed up with the long term accountability and support. This may include individualized documents for tracking designed by the coach specifically for each clients unique needs and preferences.

This level of coaching tailors the plan to each individual so that changes are not drastic and all at once.  Clients work on each strategy until they are comfortable with them before adding additional strategies into their plan for further success.  Plans are not restrictive, but rather focus on moderation and learning strategies that lead to long-term success rather than short-term, temporary success.

Clients may be asked to track one or more of the following: food intake, exercise, health markers (testing performed by the client's personal physician) body measurements, weight, etc.

Jumpstart Program

The Jumpstart is a 3-4 week program that includes 3 1:1 sessions focused on helping the client 

1- Learn the important knowledge about how weight loss happens

2- Learn critical changes in mindset that are instrumental in achieving long-term success

3- Design, together, a unique and specific plan that typically encompasses 6 months. 


This program provides the clients with useful knowledge and tools as well as a solid plan to implement on their own, without the intensive followup support and accountability that is part of the monthly behavioral coaching. It is appropriate for those who have had some success previously or who are highly motivated and able to remain consistent without the need for ongoing support.

“A failure is not always a mistake, it may simply be the best one can do under the circumstances. The real mistake is to stop trying.”

B.F. Skinner


FREE Initial call (30-45 minutes) to determine which services are appropriate for you

Coaching rates available upon request and vary based on intensity of services. A La Cart sessions are typically $50 per 45 min-1 hour session.

Discounts offered for students and military (retired, active duty, and dependents) as well as for referrals! 

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