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Quickie Time! #2

Time for another Quickie! Short but sooooo worth it ;)

You may have noticed as you lose weight that you just DON'T see the changes. Maybe the scale has moved a ton. That dress in reality now looks so much better on you! But when you look in the mirror, nothing looks different. What is WITH that? It's frustrating and makes an already difficult process even harder when it feels like you're not getting anywhere.

The truth is, we can blame our brain. Our brains use mental shortcuts in order to be able to process more information. So when there is something it's used to seeing often, it gets used to how it looks and instead of seeing what is REALLY there, it sees what it expects. It does this with many things but one of these is with how it sees your own body. It is much faster and easier so your brain just inserts basically a stock photo of how you usually look(ed) instead of actually seeing what is right in front of it. This is the same thing that happens when motorists don't see pedestrians and motorcycles. Their brain has filled in what it expects to see, and it doesn't expect to see a person there so your brain literally doesn't show it to you.

With weight this goes both ways. You have to make drastic changes before your brain will see how you really look. So when you lose weight, it doesn't see it. And when the weight is creeping on? Doesn't see that either which contributes to some of our gain in the first place. 

This is why measurements (physical or on the scale) and progress pictures are so important! We can't rely on what we see in the mirror when our brain is literally lying to us. 

What do you think? Does this explain a lot? Leave a comment! And don't forget to like the post and share it! 

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