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A Saucy Quickie

I've shared this a couple places already today but it's too useful not to share here, too! A quickie with some tips for an awesome, versatile, healthy meal- stir fry! Here it comes, quick but soooooo worth it!

Quickies don't normally come with pictures but this one required it!

We eat a lot of stir fry. Like a lot. Sometimes multiple times per week. They're great cause they have protein and veggies, the foundation of a healthy diet! Here's how we keep them from getting boring... In addition to changing out the protein and choosing different veggies, you can use marinades as stir fry sauces!

I just added the vinegar and some water (I added the oil to the pan not the sauce) and then when it was almost cooked stirred it into the pan. There's usually enough juices in the pan that you don't have to add as much water as it says for the marinade. 

Some more tips for making stir fry easy- you can quick thaw chicken and steak in hot water. It's quick and safe and way better than thawing in the microwave. Total life saver if you're like me and never remember to thaw. Also, we buy our veggies a bunch at once and chop as needed then throw in the freezer. I thaw in cool water to melt the excess ice off it then drain. You can basically go from frozen to a super healthy dinner in under an hour, including the thawing. Plus you can vary the protein, veggies, and sauces and you won't feel like you're eating the same thing over and over.  

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