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Quickie Time! Number 1

This is the first in a new series of QUICKIES! Short, but soooooo worth it ;)

Last week I did a LOT of shopping. Both Costco and the grocery store- lots of food. Lots of snacks! I had taken a couple of the snacks to eat on the couch and for a couple of days had a REALLY hard time with keeping my snacking under control! I normally don't feel that hungry all the time! What gives???

What gives is that I had my snacks within arms reach and not only could I see them and be tempted by them, but I could reach them without even moving. Bad combination! And it was a really simple fix to end my uncontrollable snacking. What did I do?

I PUT THEM AWAY. I put them on the bottom shelf of the pantry where they won't be screaming "eat me!" And even when I look in the pantry cause I was hungry enough to pick my lazy butt off the couch, I will be more likely to see better choices on the eye level shelves first and choose them.

Moral of the story, put the more tempting and less nutritious food FAR away. Put the more nutritious foods front and center and easy to grab. You will make better choices without even trying.

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